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Welcome to your Employee Portal where you can find the link for the online training program (coming soon!), your employee handbook, a copy of our incident report, and you can update your personal information.


Here is the current information we have on file for you. If any of it has changed, or is blank, please click HERE to update!

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Emergency Contact Information:

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Information for Payroll Direct Deposit:

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Extended Health Benefits Information:

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  • Spouse?: [user_meta key=”manulife_spouse”]
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    • Child #3 Gender: [user_meta key=”child3_gender”]
    • Child #3 Date of Birth: [user_meta key=”child3_dob”]
Tax Information:

    • Do you have a second job, besides Lawn Care Plus?: [user_meta key=”second_employer”]
    • Are you a student?: [user_meta key=”student”]
    • Do you claim a disability on your income tax?: [user_meta key=”disability_income”]
    • Are you financially responsible for a spouse, child or other dependant?: [user_meta key=”financially_responsible”]


Please click on the link below to open Lawn Care Plus Inc.’s Employee Handbook. All new employees are required to read this entire manual to ensure the understand all company policies. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us at: or talk to one of your foremen.

Employee Handbook

Incident Report

Workplace Bullying and Harassment Complaint Form

Manulife Financial Extended Benefits Summary


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