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Lawn Care Plus has made significant improvements to this mature property over the past year. These improvements include hard pruning of overgrown shrubbery and hedges and complete flower bed restoration at the entry and courtyard. Consequently the owners are pleased and proud of the renewed appearance of the property.

Throughout this year owners have found Kyler to be approachable and willing to undertake additional small projects within the scope of the contract. He is personable and pleasant to work with. He and his crew demonstrate a commitment to the contract and an energetic, meticulous work ethic.

The strata council has been more than pleased with the service delivered by Lawn Care Plus and we are delighted to renew the contract for the coming year. We give Lawn Care Plus our highest recommendation.

Lorraine Seath / Strata President - Lougheed Estates II

Lawn Care Plus has made a huge difference in the overall aesthetics of the complexes they have been providing landscaping services for, and has included small projects within the allotted hours of their contract. Kyler is patient and easy to work with when owners want to discuss the landscaping with him, and his workers are also patient and kind when approached during their work hours. I trust Lawn Care Plus to perform all of their regular activities and to make sure that I am aware of any other issues that are a part of the landscaping of the complex, such as irrigation or drainage, which need to be brought to my attention. I will be looking for more opportunities to add Lawn Care Plus to my contractor teams for small to large strata complexes in the Lower Mainland.

Jennifer Windsor / Property Manager - Ascent Property Management